Viridian Ventures supports entrepreneurship and innovation at all levels of the country’s social spectrum. The organization is agnostic to demographic and socio economic segmentation and believes that real entrepreneurship must be promoted at all levels of the society for a holistic growth of the country. Viridian Ventures is driven by a passion to enable start-up ideas and ventures to succeed and sees itself as the co-creator of success for a large community of first generation entrepreneurs. At Viridian Ventures, the success of our mentees and ‘incubatees’ comes first.

The venture incubation & acceleration ecosystem in India is at a very nascent stage and is not adequately geared to fill the gap left by traditional institutions. Very few start-ups end up reaching the stage where there is significant venture capital interest, while the venture capital which India attracts is predominantly directed towards later stage funding where businesses are already partially de-risked and are in the ‘revenue generation’ or ‘profitable’ phase. Such ‘safe’ investments are less likely to spawn businesses that can meet the core development needs of the country.

Viridian Ventures is seized of all these aspects and has initiated path breaking momentum by engaging with start-ups in various sectors, state run venture financing agencies, venture capitalists and thought leaders to support the development of a holistic and sustainable entrepreneurship eco system in the country across the SME and start-up space.