A venture catalyst in the start-up and SME space, Viridian Ventures is engaged in the development of a vibrant and effective eco-system that is intrinsically linked to innovation and entrepreneurship in high impact social and commercial ventures.

Viridian Ventures has galvanized expertise and resources through its synergies with leading global institutions and is helping change the nascent venture eco system in India to be more robust and dynamic. Viridian firmly believes that profit in the enterprise is the only driver of sustainability and higher impact, no matter how noble the original intentions are.

The Viridian Advantage

Unpararelled Expertise.
Unrivalled Understanding

Viridian brings with it unparalleled expertise by putting together highly experienced domain experts within the core team as well as access to the most renowned specialists in their respective fields. With offices in Singapore, New Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, the Group presently consists of over 250 professionals across the development, manufacturing, investment management and advisory functions, allowing it an unrivalled understanding of, and commitment to meeting stakeholder concerns.


Sustainability and CSR

Equity, Ecology
and Identity

The Group diligently enforces vendor standards and fair trade practices, including minimum labor compensation and welfare minimum levels across all its enterprises. Additionally, the privately funded Viridian Foundation has established a series of initiatives to promote its primary tenets of Equity, Ecology and Identity.